Steam Systems

At ISIS Steam, we specialise in steam systems for all industry from food & beverage, hospitals, distilling, brewing, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, renewables and much more.

Within the boiler house, we can size, supply and install all steam boiler requirements from crown valves, bottom blowdown valves and blowdown vessels. TDS blowdown valves, TDS probes and TDS controllers, safety valves and reflex level gauges.

If it is a new boiler feedtank or hotwell you require we have the competency and technical knowhow to offer fully packaged atmospheric feedtanks with semi deaerators or fully pressurised hotwells with tray type deaerators.
Whatever your requirements we will ensure that level controls, vent heads, chemical dosing and of course steam injection with self acting control valves, vacuum breaker and steam injectors are all taken care of.

With excessive carbon emissions encouraging us to be more responsible with our energy consumption let ISIS Steam take care of your TDS blowdown heat recovery at your site. Large energy savings can be made with the use of a simple flash vessel system, or better still a complete FRECO Flash Steam heat recovery package that will capture the flash steam from high-grade condensate return by utilising it to preheat the boiler feedwater without the concern of pump cavitation. These systems offer great returns on investment.

Steam System Design

ISIS Steam can assist with the steam system design, supply, installation and troubleshooting of your steam and condensate system.

From fabricated steam distribution manifolds with bellow sealed globe valves, SDNR screw down non-return valves and steam trap sets we lead to the steam mains with expansion bellows and low point mains drainage steam trap sets.
The pressure reducing station consists of a steam separator to ensure good quality dry steam is supplied to the pressure reducing valve and importantly your process. A suitably sized steam float trap is fitted to the outlet of the steam separator. A bellow sealed globe valve would lead to a Y type strainer, pressure gauge set and either a pilot operated pressure reducing valve or direct acting pressure reducing valve. A secondary pressure gauge set would be supplied along with a suitably sized steam safety relief valve.

Steam Control Valve

Controlling the temperature of your process would be a steam control valve. ISIS Steam can offer simple self acting control valves that work by a thermostat and we also offer an extensive range of pneumatic globe control valves fitted with smart i/p positioners and electric globe control valves with positioner cards.

The globe control valve would be sized depending upon your steam flowrate and pressure and if required a reduced KV trim can be offered with a cage or perforated plug design.

Steam Float Trap

On the outlet of your process would be a steam trap. ISIS Steam offer a vast array of steam traps to suit all applications so if your process is variable and requires a modulating steam trap we would offer you a float trap or inverted bucket trap. If stall is a concern then we can provide a steam pump trap.

To use the latent heat and sub-cool your condensate for a trace heating application we could offer one of our thermostatic steam traps.

For high-pressure applications we have a range of bimetallic steam traps and for mains drainage we look to the thermodynamic steam trap with inbuilt air vent.

For a simple trouble free steam trap set installation and to ensure you have included inlet and outlet isolation valves, y type strainer and non return valve we offer a compact trapping station the CTS4U which is available with many type of universal steam traps.

To return the condensate back to the boiler feed tank or hotwell we provide condensate pumps. These are available individually or supplied as part of a package. The steam powered pump POP is a simple tried and tested way of returning condensate and is available in a simple one pump condensate pumping set or can be supplied in a duplex or even triplex configuration where two or three condensate pumps are installed on one skid to increase condensate pumping capacity.

Condensate Pump

Also available is our range of electric condensate pumping sets. These comprise of stainless steel receivers with low npsh pumps that are cascade controlled by switches on a magnetic level gauge.
With a full range of sizes available we will certainly have a condensate pump set to suit your needs.

Steam Heat Exchangers

If you want to fit and forget you could consider one of our steam heat exchangers. These are available as shell and tube heat exchangers or plate heat exchangers and can be incorporated into a steam to water heat exchanger package. Our compact heat exchanger skid design includes all the steam valves, steam traps, pressure reducing valves and control valves required along with the instrumentation and control panel needed for a steady and reliable hot water system.

Globe Valves

When it comes to planned or even unplanned maintenance it is critically important that the system is isolated safety. ISIS Steam are the partner for Mival globe valves and we offer an extensive range of gland packed globe valves and bellow sealed globe valves. We also have our figure 2012, a compact double block and bleed valve. This clever unit offers double isolation with a bleed valve in the space of a traditional single globe valve space, this means it is possible to change a single isolation valve to double block and bleed without any pipework modifications.