The Steam Trap, What Would We Do Without It?

Possibly the most crucial piece of equipment on any steam system. By removing the condensate from steam mains and low points in a system you establish consistent steam quality and protect your system from water hammer, ensuring that at the point of use the energy from the steam is completely utilised making your system efficient.

The theory is all well and good providing you know your steam traps are operating correctly, If they’re not then these efficiencies go out of the window. Your steam quality will deteriorate and the chances of water hammer become probable leading to wasted energy, bigger energy bills, greater CO2 emissions and health & safety concerns. So what can you do to prevent this?

Steam Trap Surveys

Our experienced engineers will test each steam trap to ensure it is functioning correctly, is suitable for the application and correctly installed.

A steam trap inventory is then compiled detailing the operating conditions of each trap allowing an accurate steam loss calculation. From this we can show you the ROI for any remedial work that is required.